The Dinner

Their art of cooking has become a classic. An unprecedented cooking culture has arisen from the legendary “German culinary miracle” – and has reached maturity. Germany’s haute cuisine ranks among the best in the world. Now they are coming to Freiburg to pay tribute to the Pinot of the World.

Otto Koch

Otto Fehrenbacher

Sven Elverfeld

Oliver Rausch

Dieter Biesler

Bernd Siefert


Snow-egg, Champagne sauce
(Otto Koch)

Neubokel asparagus “barbecue” with salted pork leg, sauerkraut, watercress aioli
(Sven Elverfeld)

Brook trout, wild-garlic-potato risotto
(Otto Ferenbacher)

Duck liver, blood sausage, celery, morels
(Dieter Biesler)

May venison, spruce shoots, blood sausage, cherry
(Oliver Rausch)

À la Auguste Escoffier: peach Melba
(Bernd Siefert)